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  • Business Referral Network

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    Purpose: Being known is critical when building a successful business. Establish dynamic collaborative relationships. Exchange referrals, leads and business ideas with other professionals. Connect your business with opportunities.

    Affiliation: Members of the Business Referral Network are required to be members of the Buffalo Grove Lincolnshire or Wheeling/Prospect Heights Chambers of Commerce.

    Dues: $100 per year to cover breakfast and holiday party. Full payment due by January of the upcoming year. Dues are payable to the Buffalo Grove Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce. $90 if paid in full at time of Membership Registration.

    Leadership: Steering Committee members of the Business Referral Network are Nels Flatebo - The Leaders Forum, Ron Ross - Hollander Moving and Storage, Mantas Tautkas - Edward Jones, Alan Rodin - Minuteman Press, Ashley Johnson -Vernon Area Library and Executive Director- Buffalo Grove Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce.

    Meetings: There is a full group meeting held the second Tuesday of each month from 7:30 to 9:00 am. The agenda includes self Introductions, member spotlights or a quarterly educational topic, quad meeting selection and feedback, networking and a buffet breakfast.

    Quad Groups are selected and the groups determine their meeting date, time and location. These 4 person groups are designed to be a more intimate gathering where members are better able to build better relationships and to gain a better understanding of the other members businesses.

    Member Spotlight:  Members are provided the opportunity to showcase their business by presenting themselves and their company to the group. Presentations are followed by an interactive question and answer session.

    Educational Series: Monthly, the group determines a relevant business or networking topic that they wish to examine in greater detail. The program is presented by a member with expertise in the subject matter or by a panel of members that have experience with and knowledge of the topic.

    Guests: Guests are encouraged to visit the group and experience it before making a commitment to join. Each guest is allowed two (2) visits before being asked to make a commitment.

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